ZSOLT BERSZÁN                                                                                                  


Curator: Diana Dochia


10th  September – 30st  October, 2021                                                       

(online viewing room)



15th September – 19th September 2021, 12:00 – 18:00

Art Week Berlin

(Zimmerstrasse 90, 10117 Berlin)


Spacial.io, 10th of October, launch of NFT exhibition


Supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds thru NeuStart Kultur


The extensive solo show “Remains” signed by Zsolt Berszán, presents the artist’s creation of the last seven years – the period of 2014—2021 – and offers an exhaustive body of work produced across many media, from drawing on canvas and metal sheets to oversized paintings on canvas, and large two to three-dimensional sculptures made from silicone, metal and mixed media. His subject matter consists of an exploration of the most hidden fantasies of violence and destruction. The works arise from violent fragmentations and deconstructions of the composition, in which deformed masses and strange structures appear that describe a fluid, absorbent, organic materiality.


The project aims to confront the contemporary public with the concept of dissolution through new technologies - 3D online viewing room and blockchain NFTs presentation. Due to the current situation in the world, we rethink our entire exhibition program for the year 2021, implementing the most innovative online technologies that can be accessible to the public and collectors 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. The exhibition “Remains” is our first exhibition that integrates blockchain technology with releasing of NFT’s.


We have thought through the exhibition in staging three different sequences:


The first sequence constitutes a 3D online viewing room presentation of the exhibition that displays around 100 art pieces – drawings, paintings, sculptures and mixed media objects - signed by Zsolt Berszán and created between 2014-2021. Zsolt Berszán's creation is marked by the idea of dissolution, of fragmented dead bodies that can be perceived just as remains. The artist suggests the body, hardly perceptible in the economy of the artwork, as a macabre game of twists, writhing, arches and torn fragments. It is a material representation of the remains of an absent body. Zsolt Berszán is not interested in the individual itself but in the human remains that become subjects in themselves. The representation of the fragments, the truncated bodies, of the remains, draw traces interpreted in this context, not solely as organic materials, but also as material forms testifying the a priori existence of those people. The exhibition it is conceived around three distinctive series: “Residuum”, “Dissecting the Unknown” and “Remains of the Remains”. The viewer is invited to visit the exhibition through presentational 3D online viewing room technology. The online exhibition “Remains” gathers all the artworks that will be part of an extensive catalogue published by Kerber Verlag, scheduled to be issued in November 2021.

Link 3D online viewing room:



The second sequence of the project is an offline presentation of ten big pieces - paintings, silicone sculptures, mixed media objects - in the exhibition space from Zimmerstrasse 90, 10117 Berlin. The selection of these artworks’ states under the following statement of Rebecca Schneider writings that the remains are materialized acts that offer the experience of “the missed encounter—the reverberations of the overlooked, the missed, the repressed, the seemingly forgotten”[1]. These remnants facilitate “cross-temporality”, the intersection, the connection, the overlap of the past and the present.[2] For the offline presentation, the curator chooses representative pieces from the series “Residuum”, “Dissecting the Unknown” and “Remains of the Remains”. The silicone sculpture Residuum was shown for the first time in 2014 in the solo show “Decomposition” at Royal Rowing Association (Reale Società Cantottieri Bucintoro), Venice, an exhibition thought as a parallel event of the Architecture Biennale Venice 2014. 


Due to the current visiting regulations, all visitors are required to show proof of vaccination, previous COVID-19 recovery or a negative test result, no older than 24h. Wearing an FFP2 face mask and maintaining a physical distance of 1,5 m from other visitors is mandatory.


If you are unable to visit us do not worry, because, on our website www.anaidartgallery.com we will upload the video version of the exhibition.


Eventually, you can download the app, on both iPhone or Android, and see the show from the comfort of your home. Thru the use of this app, the works from the exhibition can also be, projected onto your home walls.


The third sequence is on the 10th of October 2021, when we will present part of the works, with the blockchain technologies releasing NFT’s in the framework of a VR solo show.


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[1] Rebecca Schneider, Performing Remains. Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment, ed. Routledge, Londra, p. 102.

[2] Ibidem 2