“Death appears to result in the paradoxical production of both disappearance and remains.”

Rebecca Schneider, Archives. Performance Remains, 2011


The solo show “Remains” signed by Zsolt Berszán, presents the artist’s creation of the last seven years – the period of 2014—2021 – and offers an exhaustive body of work produced across many media, from drawing on canvas and metal sheets to oversized paintings on canvas, and large two to three-dimensional sculptures made from silicone, metal and mixed media. Zsolt Berszán's creation is marked by the idea of dissolution, of fragmented dead bodies that can be perceived just as remains. The artist suggests the body, hardly perceptible in the economy of the artwork, as a macabre game of twists, writhing, arches and torn fragments. It is a material representation of the remains of an absent body. His subject matter consists of an exploration of the most hidden fantasies of violence and destruction. The works arise from violent fragmentations and deconstructions of the composition, in which deformed masses and strange structures appear that describe a fluid, absorbent, organic materiality.The exhibition it is conceived around three distinctive series: “Residuum”, “Dissecting the Unknown” and “Remains of the Remains”.


An extensive catalogue 'Remains', with texts by Carsten Ahrens, Gerda Széplaky and Diana Dochia, is published by Kerber Verlag. In the catalogue will be presented all the artworks from the last seven years - the period 2014 - 2021.


Supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds thru NeuStart Kultur