RALUCA ARNĂUTU: DREAM ON: Nicolae Minovici Museum

April 27 - May 28, 2023 Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest
 Scenes based entirely on fiction and partly inspired by a fleeting reality.
When dreams surround us and invert our images, the illusion of a distorted reality emerges, where locations, objects, conditions and feelings have the ability to subtly merge into a single, fluid shape. At times, pain is followed by joy, and love is transformed into colour.
The weight of the apple in my hand freezes my memory, my pulse goes up in allegro and I don't know if it's just an apple. Suddenly, my memory of him is awakened by the scent he leaves in the palm of my hand.
I looked into the distance and saw the sea full of islands, large and small, coming and going, turning in a slow and irregular way. As soon as they reach the continent, they begin to move away. Most of the figures get on board, while the rest carelessly/negligently continue their routines. In their haste, their portraits merge into different shapes and textures, moving from three-dimensional to the two-dimensional and back again. Details scaling their clothes sometimes become critical, destroying their image.
I remain in place, looking either into the distance or down, watching my legs as they struggle to maintain a fragile balance on the thin kerbstone that rises and falls behind a musical merry-go-round on which some children are spinning. Somewhere, from a window, a woman in Egyptian mummy form slowly and tactically strums her chimes, forming a perfectly opaque wall.
The two sources of sound, the jingling of the bells and the sound of the merry-go-round, merge into a flavour of the Orient from long ago.

Raluca Arnăutu