March 10 - June 4, 2022 Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest
Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest - presents
"The Absence" by Zsolt BERSZÁN



Thursday, March 10th, 2022, between 18:00 - 22:00 ANAID ART GALLERY Bucharest invites you to the opening of the solo exhibition "The Absence" signed by Zsolt Berszán and curated by Diana Dochia. The exhibition is part of Bucharest's collaborative art scene project #doijoi.


Contemporary art lovers are invited to visit the exhibition from the 10th of March till the 4th of June 2022. The visiting hours are Tuesday to Friday from 14:00 to 18:00 and Saturday by appointment at info@anaidartgallery.com.


Zsolt Berszán returns to Bucharest with a solo show after an absence of almost seven years, while he accomplished a rich exhibition activity in art centres such as Budapest, Cluj and Berlin. Zsolt Berszán lives and works in Cluj and Berlin.


In 2021, after numerous solo shows in Berlin, Kerber Verlag, Berlin, in partnership with Anaid Art Gallery Berlin, published the artist's first monograph entitled Zsolt Berszán. Remains. The monograph includes a selection of 120 large-scale works - paintings, sculptures, installations in metal and silicon - and is accompanied by critical texts written by Carsten Ahrens, Gerda Széplaky, Diana Dochia and Mihai Ziman. The launch of the monographic catalogue Zsolt Berszán. Remains will take place on Thursday, 10th of March 2022, starting at 17:30 in the presence of the artist.


The exhibition "The Absence" by Zsolt Berszán brings to the public the latest small and large drawings made between 2021-2022. Built on the binomial absence/presence, the artist's latest work deconstructs the ephemerality of the human body, its disappearance, being underlined by the barely perceptible remains of successive decompositions. The "bodies in pieces", the fragments, the remains, the human remnants describe an eviscerated, stark, decomposed universe. The truncated, contorted body becomes a kind of archive of the idea of residue, of trace, of a remnant. The artist suggests the body, in certain situations hardly visible in the economy of the drawing, as a macabre game of twists, turns, arcs and torn fragments. His creation becomes an x-ray of the remains of an absent body, the human remains taking birth from the presence/absence relationship, being the evident traces of a past existence.   


 Visiting will be done following the measures concerning access and contact for visitors within public museums and art galleries according to the rules in force.   


Curator: Diana Dochia