MATEI ARNĂUTU: Anonymous opus manuum artificis

November 10 - December 10, 2021 Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest
Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest - presents the exhibition
" Anonymous opus manuum artificis " signed by Matei Arnăutu


From 10th of November until 10th of December 2021 will take place at Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest the solo show "Anonymous opus manuum arificis" signed by Matei Arnăutu, curator Diana Dochia. Participation will be made only by prior appointment at the e-mail address:; by providing proof of green certificate - vaccination or passing through disease in the last 180 days - according to the rules in force and wearing the protective mask at all times during the visit both in the courtyard of the gallery and inside the gallery.


The exhibition can also be visited online via the 3D online viewing room by clicking on the following link: 


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If in 2012, in the exhibition "Rembo's Dream", Matei Arnăutu made subtle references to the paradoxical universe of childhood games, through installations recreating life-size, often even oversized, toy weapons belonging to urban folklore; in his new exhibition, "Anonymous opus manuum artificis", the artist investigates the "place of storage-workshop" in urban culture from the eighth decade of the last century to the present. 

The storage - workshop, in the Romanian landscape, is an endless source of useless, old things which transcend time and space, often "arranged" in a chaotic "ordered" disorder, although also a place of expression of the creativity of the anonymous craftsman. A vacuous horror full of meaning, memories, forgotten desires of the possessors. The storage - workshop, seen in its essence, is taken over by the artist and transformed into an object of research and reinterpretation. It becomes an alter ego of today's society, an image in which disorder, chaos, useless things, separation from the past, often idealized, occur as the result of a dramatic break between different mentalities and generations. Matei Arnăutu disclosed that the source of his inspiration was given by the following reality:''in the living space of a Bucharest inhabitant or in his near vicinity, there is a storage space, a closet, a garage, a box in the basement of the ''bloc''(block of flats), etc., where those objects that no longer find their purpose or usefulness in the house are stored, yet the owner "does not dare" to relinquish. This mild form of Compulsive hoarding[1], creates some cluttered spaces, some of which become veritable "time capsules" containing objects that can illustrate the evolution of culture over several generations."

Only one person is allowed to visit the exhibition so that no one meets anyone and the experience to be as personal as possible.

Visiting will be done according to the measures concerning access and contact with the visiting public in museums and art galleries according to the Government Decision no. 476/2020 Order 2941/2020. One person, a maximum of two, can visit the exhibition at the same time; the distance between people needs to be 2 m, the mask covering the mouth and nose will be worn throughout the visit, both in the gallery courtyard and inside the gallery; visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands at the entrance, their temperature will be taken and they will fill in their contact details. Any visitor who does not comply with these measures will not be able to visit the exhibition. 


           Curator: Diana Dochia


 [1] Compulsive hoarding behaviour. Compulsive hoarding