August 24 - September 2, 2017 Anaid Art Gallery Berlin

The exhibition "Abstract Feelings" presents three artistic approaches which construct and deconstruct the mental identity through abstract art. Masch (Manfred Schulzke, DE), Zsolt Berszán (RO) and Pal B. Stock (HU/DE) investigate the most hidden fantasies, ruins or pulsations.


Roland Barthes wrote in the 1970's about Julia Kristeva that through her research "she changes the order of things" combining the new theories and approaches with tradition. Kristeva's writings reveal an interdisciplinary thinking that explores extensively the human mind. In 2004 when she won the Holberg Prize, she said "the key to my nomadism, and my questioning of established forms of knowledge is none other than psychoanalysis itself, understood as a journey in which the psychic identity in self is reconstituted".


MASCH's work describes a discursive rebellion of continuous civilization in a state of decay. His paintings arise from the overlapping of canvases becoming true membranes fringed by time and history.  These superimposed membranes speak of a time of destruction and decay, of a disintegrated, lost world. Cut, glued, clipped, these canvases form expanded layers of pastel or violent colors. It is the representation of the slightest details emphasizing hardly mentionable elements that are outside the symbolic sequence of civilization and that disturbs social rules, trying to defy a traumatic experience.   


Berszán's black silicone structures arise through a process of etching and division of the metal. Thus, anthropomorphic shapes appear on the surface of the metal plates creating non-object states and imperceptible movements. The dynamic separation and the transitional objects are presented as parts of frozen bodies; parts of decaying corpses, both being are neither subject nor object. Berszán's creation is located at the fine border between the representation of identity and its dissolution thus aiming to represent the non-symbolized.


For Pal B. Stock the idea of a feeling represents the absence of the object, namely of an object proposed as a precondition for the development of mental activity. His works express the joy of life, the infinite life pulsations, fragility. Vivid colors', animated by lights and shadows, continuously change the visual perception of the viewers. The beeswax/resin surface used in his works can be seen as a human tissue field with certain feelings expressed through infinite colors. The glass talks about the fragility and the fluidity of life.


"Abstract feelings" is a group show that speaks about the imperfection of our life and at the same time about the reconciliation with our inner most hidden thoughts.


Curator: Diana Dochia, PhD