MASCH (Manfred Schulzke) was born on 1st September 1950 in Vallendar/ Rheinland-Pfalz and studied between 1969-1971 at the UdK Berlin. Since 2008 he works and lives in Berlin. MASCH's work is not influenced by modern art streams, but by the free, timeless design of the surface with different materials in mostly three-dimensional representations. The strong impulses emanating from his works are unpleasant for some spectators. This discomfort often changes into fascination, as soon as one takes the time to "immerse" in his pictures and let the view wander. One cannot escape the magic of his works. He is regularly engaged by the Art Department as a Set/Standby Painter for Hollywood Productions in the Babelsberg Film Studios. As a Highlight, he and his Team received an Oscar for the artistic Work on the Film „The Grand Budapest Hotel". In Berlin, together with Artist Romy Campe, successfully leads the Company KUNSTLEBEN BERLIN.


2017: Exhibition catalogue "Next Generation" by MASCH, edited by Anaid Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany