RALUCA AND MATEI ARNĂUTU: LASETA: Cultural Center "Brâncoveneşti Palace", Mogoşoaia, RO

March 7 - 31, 2020

The exhibition installation "Laseta" designed by Raluca and Matei Arnăutu reinterprets one of the most common crafts of our grandparents - the lace. The title of the exhibition "Laseta" refers to the string with which our grandmothers tirelessly crocheted various shapes and patterns of lace. The forgotten miles present until recently, in all the old Romanian houses, are recovered by the two artists through a large installation in the space of the Ice house. The legacy of lace / mile left by the artist's grandmother (Matei Arnăutu) is transformed by Raluca Arnăutu into transparent and playful shapes, like clouds or raindrops.