April 29 - June 30, 2016 Anaid Art Gallery Berlin

"To each ego its object, to each superego its abject."

Julia Kristeva, The Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection, 1982 


Zsolt Berszán's art is an exploration of the most hidden fantasies of violence and destruction. With works from the series “Dissecting the Unknown” he continues his research about rendering the abject and the state of decay. Berszán’s black silicon structures arise through a process of etching and division of the metal. Thusly, anthropomorphic shapes appear on the surface of metal plates that describe non-object states and imperceptible movements. Zsolt Berszán’s work speaks of repulsion and fascination and in the same time speaks about shapes that lie on the border between hallucination and obsession wherein the identity and order were disrupted.