ALEXANDRU RĂDVAN: When Nothing Happens

March 21 - April 30, 2023 Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest

"I am seduced by the idea of creating something beautiful, a peaceful atmosphere, with beautiful things, but made a little rough, brutal, ungentle, with relatively simple, primitive, almost sordid gestures and acts, and all these "rough" and somehow unfinished things become beautiful and delicate when they meet. I am also fascinated by the seconds in which nothing happens, in which a man and a woman simply stand next to each other, in which the gaze hovers aimlessly, in which the teeth have not yet sunk into the apple skin, in the second before the wave breaks and only the dogs wag their tails without making a sound. And I'd like to remember the millions of seconds that make up life between what happens, as something precious."


Alexandru Rădvan