November 28, 2017 - January 27, 2018 Anaid Art Gallery Berlin

The group exhibition "White Blood and Red Snow" presents an association of works dealing with different concepts and techniques, which at first glance have nothing in common. "White Blood and Red Snow" is a game of words in which the viewer can make various associations, change meanings, force limits. The chosen works speak of an inner state that is reflected externally in different forms and acquires new meanings depending on the viewer.


If the blood sends to the thought of life, pulsation, emotion, boil, desire, violence, death, and is all associated with red, this time the blood is white. White is often associated with purity, nobility, tranquility and calmness. "White blood" in this context is a limit, a border, a desire hard to fulfill; the turbulence is somewhat confined, it is a silent scream. Something that cannot be said, but rather perceived.


Snow is often the thought of an immeasurable white, unattained and lush, to a state of absolute purity. The snow is cold and fragile; the blood is warm and dynamic. "Red Snow" describes a state of violence, a perversion, a violation of the norm. Purity was destroyed, the crime took place, the rule of the game changed.


The paintings and drawings of Charles J. de Bisthoven work in itself, and together as a system of interconnected relationships. Juxtaposed images, with rhythmic sequences and gestures, develop a direct dialogue with the viewer. The system is imagined by events, discoveries, and wishes of the artist. 


Bora Min's enlightened drawings describe a world in a continuous movement. A solitary world living in septic spaces, where light reminds of the passage of time. A warm light that surrounds the anonymous characters. 


Vera Kochubey's works speak of an inner world devoured by fantasies, desires and dreams. A visceral, carnal, animal world. Her characters express a state of affairs in which dark zones intertwine with the need for affection and inner peace.

"White Blood and Red Snow" is an imaginary story about what happens to each of us when we are in different situations, we travel in different places, we turn over time. It's about a dream, a desire, a state of mind, a journey. 


Curator: Diana Dochia, PhD