May 4 - 30, 2020 Anaid Art Gallery Berlin

"Island for Umberto" has the literary source in the novel "Island of the Day Before" (Italian: "L'isola del giorno prima") written by Umberto Eco. Alexandru Rădvan envisions an island for his favorite writer. The artist confessed: "Sharp butterflies cut through the hot air. Dry reddish dirt crumbles under my sandals. I wish this was an island and maybe it is. I am the only masculine presence here, but I feel I am not the only human being on this piece of land. There have to be some women on these shores. Big, robust, with their heated skin smelling beautiful, totally unaware of my presence. I will watch them, hunt them down one by one, love them with delicate passion, make them feel beautiful under the most shining of the Sun's".