August 30 - September 22, 2018

Anaid Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the solo show ''Deconstruction'' by Raluca Arnautu on Thursday, 30th of August 2018 at 6:00 pm at Kahan Art Space Budapest (Eva Kahan Foundation). The exhibition can be visited until 22th of September at Kahan Art Space (www.kahaneva.com), Nagy Diófa u.34, 1072 Budapest, Hungary from Tuesday to Saturday between 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm. "Deconstruction" by Raluca Arnautu is made in collaboration with Anaid Art Gallery (www.anaidartgallery.com) and Kreazine (www.kreazine.com).

The curator of the exhibition, Mirela Giacomel, wrote about Raluca Arnautu's artworks:  "The textile sculptures or textile collages of Raluca Arnautu link her to the surrounding world. The forms that she creates are linked to a childish universe where no separation between the real and the unreal is. Therefore, a mysterious feeling is neighboring her creations.


The combination of the materials she uses in her sculptures/objects is sometimes unusual but in the same time belonging to tradition: she is sewing them together as this is the only way to connect the tissue to other media.


Collages are approaching more modernity: glue links the diverse medias, stratifying them in a form that hits out of the ordinary.


The forms of her creations are not sophisticated, reviewed; they come in their beautiful rough originality, like the forms of a child's drawing, who cannot yet reach perfection.


To us, her works, may resemble to unintended beautiful outcomes but they are the result of a long research. Her forms are growing naturally, without a well establish plan and they reach maturity in a mysterious point when they reach perfection. It's like rummaging in the dark and finding the treasure of life.


Raluca's works even if they are small, they are still big because of their inner force.


Moreover, her sense of details leads/put her collages at the same rank with an embroidery/lace. This breathes the sensitiveness of her art, making her a contemporary artist for whom memories, feelings are the starting point of masterpieces."